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Balcony Garden starting tips
Beautiful urban Balcony Garden starting tips for beginner

Beautiful Urban Balcony Garden starting tips for beginner

Urban Balcony gardening is a delightful personal occupation as well as a hobby. Both as a hobby or a general activity horticulture is a source of beauty and pleasure. It grows flower-plants, vegetable-plants of various kinds. And when a Balcony garden is in full blossom, it presents a wonderful sight. It is the man-made part of God’s nature. Township veranda its own virtues and blessings. It increases love for beauty. It offers peace of mind also. It brings a man and woman closer to nature. Nature in its full glory is revealed in a garden. It leads man from joy to joy. It is a very tasteful hobby. Gardening has always been a loving preoccupation for man or woman. It inspires taste, purity, and refinement.

However, many people kept their happiness and imagination bound by the day of the sunny day in the obsession. So many busy situations, where you take time to fulfill your hobby make a balcony garden? But it is still seen, there are some people all the gaps in the business melt, a corner of the house is on the veranda made your own green heaven. You can also remove the restriction of time and place as you like them. For this, just be aware of a few issues and take the right decision. Now, finding some questions answer and it is only possible to get down to work veranda plantation.

How does the light get your balcony?

It is necessary to understand the first thing to create a garden on the balcony. How much light is getting your veranda? Few people, whether the tree will survive in less or more light, in this through do not desire to move for making an indoor plantation. But there are different trees for all kinds of light. Just like that if planted trees but without much care, the tree grew in its rhythm. For example, Corner of the veranda there is too much sunlight coming. You can put it there Creamier grassy plants. Such as Morning Glory, Strawberries, Lettuce, Lavender flower tree or Tulip-type plants it will be right for such a place. On the other side, surrounded by a shadow in the corner of the porch, she can be taken to the veranda Rosemary, English Ivy, Peace Lily, Begonia and various types of fern trees.

What trees should be planted?

It is necessary to think about the different types of trees for planting. And you should be paying attention to the shape-size of the tree. The height of each tree is different, again, some trees are bushier than others. The walls of the small veranda can be made more attractive by planting flower trees, ferns or medicinal tree. The Balcony plants may easily grow up with simple care. To avoid long trees for small balcony, such short of the tree will bring a good result. Tomatoes, brinjal or potassium tree can be planted in the large balcony. If you get some time spent on taking care balcony garden. Then a garden will bring you a nice delight.

Which type Garden planters and pots are perfect for balcony plant?

Balcony garden Tub

Use the soil, copper, brass, and plastics, ceramic and cement for the Garden pots and Garden planters of Bahari design to plant trees. To diversify, you can design hand points in the garden pots. You can use the hanging pots, bamboo basket or jute made for hanging plants. It is possible to use the whole of the veranda in the whole place and the hanging pots on these balconies look good.
Depending on the size of the porch, the size of the pots should be determined. For small sized verandas, a lot of smaller size pots is be chosen. And if you want, to start from the big garden planters for the big balcony. you can imagine, the beautiful design garden planters, for your garden plants.

What kind of heat gets your balcony?

The tree birth and growth mainly depends on the temperature and light. Daytime 70 degrees to 75 degrees temperature need for green trees, Between 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures are good at night.

What is the amount of water needed for the tree?

Every day will give water to the plants. But if the tub is outdoors in the rainy season, water is not needed. Rainwater is extremely beneficial for plants. If the ground soil is wet do not give water. Keep in mind, the ground or tub soil should never be completely dry or water does not accumulate. These two conditions are harmful to the trees.

Some special preparations for gardening in the balcony

Do you want to make a balcony garden? At first need, some prepare for gardening in the verandah.  Just following,

 If the design of the garden is semi-circular, it will look good for us.

 If you have tiles of verandah on the floor then you must take outputting the soil on the floor.

 Where you to throw the soil on the floor, at first it will also have a preview.

 Which design will be garden make, after fixing it, according to the design get brighter bands.

 Be careful, the boundary wall height is not more than one feet.

 Make a slab with more cement on the floor. Spread the polyethylene on the cement when it is dry.

 Soil mixed with more fertilizer than filling the place with them. This way, the balcony garden will be ready for planting your favorite trees.

 You can also plant vegetable trees in the verandah of excess sunlight.

Best decorate plan for your indoor garden!

Decorate indoor garden

If the garden can be arranged with some extra artistic elements like mind, then it sure will make it more like full of mind.
Keep money plant near a wall or grill. Once upon a time rise up or down.to decorate balcony grill choose hanging trees such as Aparajita, Fern, Polonia, and Pulcro. The beauty of the verandah grill will increase many.

Landscaping can enhance the beauty of the balcony. Hanging the mat, cool rails or bamboo chic on the grill any corner. Keep the trees on the floor of tied in rows. In the first row, a slightly tall tree and the next row, the middle and the end small-sized tree. Now make small artificial fountains in the trees. Leave some colorful fish in the water of the artificial. Center of the tree row and in the water of the artificial fountains Leave the spotlights light. When the balcony is small, there is less chance of landscaping. In that case, leave it water some flower and floating wax on the soil pot, keep it in one corner of the balcony Garden. The softness will come in the verandah.

Whatever the decoration, keep the sitting arrangement in the indoor plantation. If the area is big enough, you can keep the divan or small sofa too. If possible, you can keep a rocking on one side. On one side of the small balcony keep a few sitting instruments.


 Balcony garden best expertise tips and tricks!!!

Keep in mind the plant’s care, as well as gardening. Sandy and sandy loam soil are quite suitable for trees. Mix the soil and organic fertilizers quality then fill up the tub.

Make the garden there with a tree, the time for sorting trees at that place, first small trees, and then the big trees in the rear row.

 Tub and basket hanging plants cut dry leaves. Once a day, if you need water twice a day. If the sun comes down in the afternoon, give water to the tree.

 Water spray twice a week wash the leaves and branches.

 Moderate moisture should always be required for plants, more than 30 percent of moisture required for evergreen plants. Always try to create a humid climate around the tree. If the humidity decreases, the peak of the tree becomes brown in color.

 The small amount of fertilizer can be given your tub plant. However, the cow dung can be used in all environments.

 If the leaves and flowers are light, keep the cold and the lightless accessible space. Because the tree leaves and flowers Colour become lighter, coming in contact with additional lighting and heat.

 More dust on the leaves of the tree do not loud rub. Slowly clean the soft cloth with a little water or can be removed by spray water.

 If you have a worm attack on the tree or start to die suddenly, you can consult someone who is experienced in this matter. The best way to contact the regular nursery.

If you follow my (Omor Faruk – Local SEO expert and entrepreneur in Bangladesh) all expertise tips, you can easily make your balcony garden like mind.


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