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Balcony plants
Balcony plants | best plants for balcony and their short feature

Balcony plants | best plants for garden and their short feature

A balcony is a place to relax, to spend thousands and millions of good or bad time there. No matter, whether your balcony is congested or widely spacious, it’s just needed to decor it in your own way. The balcony plants may have many things, but plants go best with balcony. Set a green environment on the balcony by planting some trees there. But first, some knowledge is needed about the plants. Some plants, pots, garden planters or containers are needed to plant the plants. Either can be used for outdoor planters. They will give an aesthetic taste in the balcony garden. A balcony plants do not need any specific climate because it is surrounded by bricks and cement. It is important to create a perfect climate to breathe the plants so that they could slightly, feel the nature or climate of the ground. One can’t, just put some outdoor planters on the balcony. It is good to have some taste and techniques for arrangements for, balcony with plants. Now, here come varieties of plants that could suit the environment and space of balcony garden.

There are plants that could easily adjust themselves to the environment and climate of the balcony. As I have mentioned earlier that, the balcony is a congested area. And you need to find such balcony plants that could easily grow in that congested climate. The balcony garden needs the plants that could grow around the year and mainly flower plants can be planted. In this time and many people can’t have their gardener instincts work because of small space. Balcony plants and porch garden are the answer to that problem. Here are discussed for your best balcony garden plants and their short characteristics.

Balcony plants name and their short feature below


marigold plants

These are the brightest looking colorful flower for the balcony plants. They are orange and yellow in color with a sour-sweet smell. Marigold is pest repellent and bright plant for a balcony garden. Plants can be grown from the seeds and from each plant more than three flowers bloom at a time. They don’t need much watering and grows with weeds and enough sunlight. Hybrid Marigolds are big in size but their seed is useless. Some people do not have interest in such flowers, but those who never had a chance for plants at least can try their luck. Seeds can be gathered from the dead flowers too.


Rose plants

Rose is the queen of flowers. Just like her name, she likes some care Anyone who wants rose as a balcony plants, has to take care of it. A single plant in a pot and enough care has to be taken. You have to be careful of rose is very sensitive. These plants need straight sunlight. Rose is very case sensitive. Rose needs limited water, it is planted which needs real care. A limited amount of water and good care makes the balcony bright and colorful. Too much water rot-tens the root. The rose is very suitable for balcony plants. It is a sweet flower and easily invaded by bees and insects. There are so many types of flowers, different colors, shapes everything is different. Even the quality also varies. There are some rose plants for balcony, which grow straight in pots and others are climbers.


Chrysanthemum plants

After rose, Chrysanthemum is the second best popular for balcony plants. The name: Chrysanthemum is “yellow flower” in Greek. There are so many beautiful Chrysanthemums and these types are called Hardy and florist. These flowers are good for indoor which reduces air pollution.
These vary in colors and sizes, including they are called mum flower too. They are good in winter too but not are summer. These flowers can tolerate winter too. The second best plant for the balcony garden, Chrysanthemum has different shapes, sizes and the pots are according to the growth of the plans. To keep them busy and full, you have to pinch off new growth, which blooms in late summer. Now people use this flower as a herbal tea too.


pansy plants short characteristics

A hybrid, but the popular for balcony plants from England. They bloom very fast. There are all different colors yellow, gold, orange, purple red and white. Pansies are easy to take care. Pansies have to be kept in dry form, only to water once in a week. They can grow from seeds. On the other hand, this plant grows in winter.
This flower has a natural popularity, a plant to keep on a balcony, and the best. Pansies are the plant described in stories. It is good for the weather that Pansy needs, sun or partial sunlight. Health conscious people take Pansy tea too.


Cock's comb plants short characteristics

Celosia is very common for the balcony plants. This flower is also named as cockscomb. This plant blooms up to ten weeks. It is pink, red, purple and gold. When they are put together, they resemble just like fire.
The name cockscomb goes well with is the appearance of the flower as the cockscomb or a roosters comb, but they only resemble each other with different shapes, sizes and colors and shapes. Each blossom is made of many small flowers. That is why no extra effort is needed to grow this plant. This plant for the balcony needs full sunlight and the soil has to be moist. Fertilize the celosia flower once a month.


heliotrope plants short characteristics

This plant is for those gardeners who truly appreciate the details and can work hard for it. The small purple flowers, with green details in the middle, along with its dark leaves, create a diverse vision of the garden. It usually takes many years for these flowers to bloom but that is what makes other envious of the balcony plants. Any visitor with keen eyes will acknowledge the gardener’s skill and patience. These cold climate flowers are rich in scent. They can smell like vanilla or grape candy which gives a bubbly vibe. It can grow from 1 to 4 feet but looks splendid in a nice pot in a balcony.


hydrangea plants short characteristics

Planted during spring and protected during winter these small bushy flowers are a luxury plant in a balcony. Even though it’s best to plant them in a bigger space, a big pot will do. With honest care and patience, these flowers can bloom even up to 1000 at a time in a balcony. At first, it’s all ugly brown sticks but when the beautiful flowers start to bloom it looks as if the spring fairy just visited your balcony garden. The pH level of the medium determines the color so one needs to first decide on the soil and fertilizer. Because the flower needs frequent watering one must be cautious about the seasons.


Dahlia plants short characteristics

A very common but beautiful, the breathtaking flower is Dahlia. The growth is one foot. This is a native flower of Mexico and Central America. This balcony plants Dahlia needs moist but not soggy soil. Dahlia needs full sunlight, and care. If the day is too hot, you need to water the plant much more. This plant is wonderful. It attracts slugs and snails, so you have to be very careful. To plant the plants, one has to cut the tubes and keep them soaked in water. After that, when they are done, they are to be put in soil, six inches deep inside soil and then water the plant. Dahlia is good for the month of May.


Gazania plants short characteristics

Native to Africa these flowers are perfect for South and West facing balconies that face the sun. Gazanias have 5-8 big petals that are bright in color. The pink and white shade actually looks better than the traditional yellow and white ones. They are perfect for the summer season as most flowers don’t survive the heat. However, these showy and annual bloom flowers actually bloom bigger and brighter with regular watering. These low maintenance annuals can grow up to 25cm in height. One can plant them in 9 to 12 inches apart flower bed, containers or even hanging pots in the balcony. If you prefer big vibrant colors and easy gardening over long period fragrant then these flowers are just the ones for you.


lobelia plants short characteristics

Also known as “Indian Tobacco” these flowers are actually attractive annual herbs for balcony plants. It can tolerate partial shade but it prefers moist rich soil. These are summer plants in the balcony are sowing then to the ground 1-2 months prior is the best way. The seedlings will show within a week or two after that. With regular thinning (clean the weeds) and watering they will grow up to 1 to 3 inches when the frost is gone. After that they need to be transplanted to the actual pot in the balcony; each 4 to 6 inches apart. Even though they are low growing all they need are watering and a little liquid fertilizer.


lantana plants short characteristics

Originally these big plants can be 18-24 inches tall and span up to 4 ft. but it can be tailored for a small pot in a balcony. It can make the porch look brighter with its pastel pink, yellow and orange shades. Native to South Asia this wild tropical flower has a distinctive fragrance. It may attract a lot of bees and butterflies. These flowers require moist and well-drained soil. With regular care, the blooms will give a soft glowing vibe to the balcony. They can tolerate moderate to dry soil. Soaking them once a week even will keep them growing. So anyone with a forgetful mind or with a little time can grow them for your balcony garden.


impatiens plants short characteristics

Also known as time flower these plants can sprout in the first two weeks and take 3-4 months to grow and bloom. The main key to a full bloom is to maintain a moist medium. Not watering them enough can lead to falling leaves while overwatering causes fungal diseases. However, container and pots on the balcony always require more water. They can grow up to 2 ft. so it’s best for small porch or balconies. These balconies plants are actually shaded loving so winter or cold atmosphere isn’t a concern. But required fertilizer is much needed. However, these Himalayan flowers are not for the ones looking for a sweet fragrance as they have the unique smell.


salvia plants short characteristics

Native to Mexico these plants not only serve looks but also medical needs. They have a strong and sweet vanilla or pineapple fragrance. Even though the purple color is the most popular one it also has a red, blue and white version of it. The flowers in balcony grow straight upwards creating a chic look. They are perfect for small pots and hanging containers. One should dry out the soil in between watering. Most people prefer to water ½ an inch deep. It’s also needed for the spikes on top to be removed. Thus it requires a lot of attention. However, they bloom afterward and the lovely fragrance is worth the work.


verbena plants short characteristics

These plants can tolerate a lot of heat in fact heat is required for the flowers to bloom. A verbena plant requires 8-10 hours of sunlight a day!! So these plants are perfect for a warm environment in a balcony garden. These plants grow in any sized pots, containers and planters. Watering an inch for a week is enough for it. What it needs the most, regular trimming and little but contentious fertilizer. With these things in the case, The balcony plants can grant you a long-lasting bloom, in the balcony. The small flower grows in a bunch and creates a pastel like purple petals that gives a soft feeling to its owner.


portulaca plants short characteristics

This is the most low maintenance plant on the balcony in the list. It can withstand rain as well as droughts. One may forget to water it for a day or two but that doesn’t cause it any harm. One caution is that the seed shouldn’t be deep within the soil as it requires sunlight to sprout. The flowers bloom in lovely shades of pink or yellow. It can have single petals but most prefers double ones. They can grow in the smallest space on your balcony or even in a glass on your table. These balcony plants are perfect for early gardeners as well as the busy ones, who have very little time and attention to give. The planted area can be popular by the summer.

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