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Garden planters and Garden pots

Garden planters | beautiful garden pots and planters ideas

Garden planters and garden pots are a most important part of a garden, besides the plants. They increase the beauty of a garden. The planter changes the monotonous views of a garden. Nowadays, there are so many things added to the garden, but the main attractive object that takes part in the garden is different types of garden planters and pots. There are many types, like planters or pots made out of clay, the first choice, then ceramic planters, next came fiberglass planters. People use boxes, tubes, bottles, drums and the DIY is showing, so many ways to grow gardens. There are different types of garden planters and garden pots, to match with modern, contemporary suits. The planters and pots can tolerate extreme heat. There are varieties of color and different designs and taste, matching personal choice and demands. The colors are matte dark brown, metallic silver or different natural hues. The rich tones are intact.

It is a very enjoyable hobby. The hobby of gardening not only makes us happy, gives the viewers pleasure and a greater help to the kitchen also. These are garden planters or garden pots made out of Zinc, Poly-stone, wood, fiberglass planter, metal, Corten steel., Fabric, real terracotta, concrete, Fiber-cotta, Plastic, Stainless steel, Poly-Terrazzo, Wicker, Art-stone etc, are the name of different types of planter materials. There are different types of shapes and colors too. The varieties of colors are red, white, black, blue, bronze and green too. Not only tall planters but there are bowl-shaped, cube-shaped, tall, square, long, short, urn types.

Here, I am ( Omor Faruk – WordPress designer), Now I will tell you about most popular garden planters in the world with short descriptions, follow below…

Tall outdoor planters

Tall outdoor planters and pots ideas


To make your garden look beautiful, you can get some tall outdoor planters or pots. They are tall, sleek with an attractive look. You can plant small trees, plants etc. If you want you can put two or three together in sets. Beside the stairs inside or outside your house, near the door, on a patio, to add greenery, you can set these planters. In hotels, hospitals, lobbies, where there are more spaces, you can get great decoration with tall outdoor garden planters. They can add beauties, with colored planters. Tall outdoor planters and pots have got beautiful names and colors. Lerio planter resin stone pat planter, Polaris 3 piece pot, Nantucket self-watering, Sonoma fiberglass planter, Modena self-watering etc. There is more of it,

The vase-shaped tall planters and column planter both adds sophistication. They are done with eye-catching style. It is better if you use bowl-shaped planters inside your house, but when you get those tall outdoor planters, they are a real beauty with the looks and with their finished glow. Planters are excellent for home gardening, indoor gardening, outdoor gardening, deck. They are kept only to make the house look excellent. This gardening hobby makes us fresh, gives good feelings and good moods. Even for some people gardening is a therapy, so tall planters can give, live a better side.

Large Garden planters for beautiful gardening

Large Garden planters and pots

Large planters are needed for planting big green trees, leafy plants or flower plants, bushy plants and for fruit trees. They are provided to make it possible to move and to give attractive looks. A place, like a flat, apartment or a rooftop, where we can’t keep or plant trees, plants, we can use these large garden planters to fulfill our demand. There are varieties of large planters and pots. Garden planters and garden pots made of Zinc, black, fiberglass, wooden, ceramic, polystone, galvanized planters, in so many shapes and sizes. Any plant lover can plant variegated red twig dogwood, Bergenia cordifolia, golden creeping Jenny is also an interesting type of plant. Japanese Pieris also are common to plant. These large planters have good qualities, heatproof, durable, and of various shapes. There are lots and lots of different shapes. Round, up-bed, low bed, the big sized urn, the round shaped large planter can give plants a big space to grow. Flower plants, vegetable plants, fruit plants need large planters. Large planters are often needed in the gardens too. In these large garden planters,

These large garden planters have good qualities, heatproof, durable, and of various shapes. There are lots and lots of different shapes. Round, up-bed, low bed, the big sized urn, the round shaped large planter can give plants a big space to grow. Flower plants, vegetable plants, fruit plants need large planters. Large planters are often needed in the gardens too. In these large garden planters, first, you put some stones and then soil, which makes the plant grow. As there are stones, soaked in water takes care of the plant. No excessive water can harm the plants.

Outdoor Large Planters & Garden Pots

Outdoor Large Planters and Garden Pots

We love outdoor plants. A garden is a beauty when there are lots of plants in it. There are so many different types of outdoor large garden planters and garden pots. Some are made of charcoal, Classic ironstone Cylinder, Cromwell Water tank, Fiberglass Geo Oval, Fiberglass round patio pot, Apta mirror glaze Tall Egg pot Apta tall Square Planter are very attractive looking. Another is Old Ironstone Ribbed Jar planter, gives a stunning look. They give fresh air, humidity intensifier and keeps away stresses. At any time of the day, looking at the outdoor plants relaxes the brain, relieves stress, and freshens heart, even if you are not the owner of those outdoor large planters.

There are hanging plants, Exotic Green attractive planter and are eco-friendly ideal for a terrace, patio and any and the Kora 7 Pockets Vertical Garden living wall hanging planter. Coco-garden needs coco-peats to help, eco-friendly people need these outdoor large planters very much. These are pretty much kept out-door, because of their size, kept on the porch too. Even one planter on the other one also can become an attraction. There is another point to look on. When you decorate out-door, you have to think about the climate, sun, humidity. Window boxes are one of the best outdoor garden ways.

Large ceramic planters for beautiful urban gardening

Large ceramic planters and pots

The Large Ceramic planters and pots are the best decoration in a garden to think for. They increase the beauty and outstanding looks to the garden. There are so many types of large ceramic garden planters, to choose makes it difficult to select. The Chinese people are rich in crafting and to sell them made us beautiful. Ceramic hanging, flower pot, peacock garden planter, Michelle My shell Ceramic pot planter is an exquisite beauty. Raiford ceramic statue planter is another real beauty of color.

The sea-horse is a perfect beauty. These are some garden planters and garden pots, only too large in size. Though they are large in size the important thing is they are breakable. So you have to keep a sharp eye on those. Can’t be kept where there are children. But the good thing is large ceramic garden planters are good, holds water for plants. They are curved in shape. Concrete planters are durable and too costly. Good for planting but not qualified for summer, because summer heat damages the roots of the plants. There are many designs and colors of ceramic planters and pots. Coastal pottery, giant planters, slate planters, Chimeneas are sold for airports, hotels, and hospitals. They are largest in size. Some are common in use and some are used in mansions.

Extra large planters for outside

Extra large planters for outside

Extra large planters are used in airports, hotels, hospitals. These extra large planters are made out of wood, ceramic, glass, charcoal, fiberglass. Fiber clay, black clay, Italian terracotta, Glazed pots, unglazed planter, lightweight, round-shaped, square planter. There are so many designs too. If an extra large garden planter for outside is tall, the other one is short and round shaped. One is thick, the other one is thin and colorful. There are white, grey, black, high gloss shines too. Actually using garden planters or keeping them increases the decor. They are used for interior decoration, to increase beauty. The big space monotony is broken through these extra large planters kept out-door.

The green plants, flowery plants add extra beauty. They create a fresh, aura of life, gives a feeling to be alive. Some people may not feel same but most people find the extra large planters for outside are kept to give a feeling of the oasis in the middle of stones and walls. Some people use them beside a mansion, where it brings artistic looks. For interior decoration, seeking eternal beauty gives a man the feelings to stay with green. Men are wrapped up with nature. No one can deny living healthy with nature.

Modern & Traditional Commercial Planters or pots

Modern and Traditional Commercial Planters or pots

By commercial range planters, the pots or containers that will enrich the beauty of your landscape. To add, some extra green to your garden. You may get different varieties of shapes, sizes, and designs of planters and commercial pots. They may come to unique categories and patterns. The place where you can’t get the chance to plant, the outdoor planters will help you to add greenery to that area in a stylish way. And obviously, they will ensure to complement your decor and style of your house.

There is a saying that “The first impression is the last impression”. And this thing works for everyone and everything. You may not like a restaurant without its formal presentation. As like this one, whenever you are visiting someone’s house, the decor of that house will either impress you or may impact haughty on you. Same can be done with your house also. You can’t have a disordered house. And a house without green plant or greenery is not good at all. We all want to see the brighter side of a place. So, a green plant will work best here. And if it comes with a designed and unique planter, then it will seem as a “cherry on top”. So don’t wait, just grab commercial planters to enrich the beauty of your house.

Modern and Traditional Commercial Outdoor Planters

Modern and Traditional Commercial Outdoor Planters

Planters used in large places are used as commercial outdoor planters. In the large market area, in between office halls, airport lounges, hospitals, amusement parks, apartments, condominiums now use commercial outdoor planters and pots. The planter does not belong to a single man. They are used to serve a community. A commercial area has large spaces, many shops, offices, vast areas, where these planters are kept. Here the commercial garden planters and pots serve as the green environment, increases the beauty and fill the area with lots of oxygen. Cast stone large planter used outdoor to maintain them, because to water them regularly is not possible. The fiberglass outdoor are used outside so that they can be moved easily.

They can be rearranged to give a better view. They give an aesthetic, green, lively effect too. Some tall trees, plants are sown in the planters. These planters have varieties of colors, shapes, and sizes. Red, green, brown, yellow, orange, blue, terracotta, almost all bright colors are available. The shapes are in variety, hexagonal, octagonal, round, square and triangle too. The materials are fiberglass, ceramic, aluminum, metal, plastic and PVC. There are lots of brands too. Gardeners Supply, Crescent Garden, Gronomics, Nice Planter, TerraCast, Lechuza, Birdies etc. Some commercial outdoor planters are used as traffic control, privacy screens. It serves the community too.

Lowes planters and pots for indoor outdoor use

Lowes planters and pots

Lowes planters and pots are made out of cedar, ceramic, clay, concrete and fiberglass. They are pretty and perfect for a house. From Lowes, the planters are good to plant any type of plant. From annuals, perennials, shrubs to anything, can be planted in those planters. They are made out of cedar, wood, clay, ceramic, concrete, fiberglass. These garden planters and pots have different shapes too. Round shape, cube, square, tall, short, flat or even bell-shaped. Some of the planters are flat shaped, some are deep or tall. There are basket-shaped, barrel-shaped, urn-shaped, low bowl, nursery pots.

The planter has covered up space with stones and then the soil is used inside. So that plants can have enough spaces. The Lowes garden pots are black, white, blue, brown, clear colored. The planters are box planter, sand concrete rustic planter, etc. The Lowes planters can give your house an attractive look. The look and the choice done by the help of the workers will give your house an intensified beauty. Lowes creates a new look, creates a grand beautiful plant life. Some planters are useful, with the choice of correct plants. Some time a planter increases a beauty at home! The Lowes Planters are different prices too, selling from the long time ago. Plant lovers can depend on good planters, otherwise bad choice of planters can ruin the plants too.

Cheap Flower Pots and planters for gardening

Cheap Flower garden Pots

Flower pots are needed to take care of the plants. The pots give safety, beauty, gives warmth to the plants and to the area. There are some cheap flower pots. There are not at all costly but has a different type of beauty. These cheap garden planters and pots are made of fiberglass, Stone Greco, Glossy type planter, Matte Ridge planter, Green Cassini brushed planter, Diamond Blue Gradient Planter, Wilson & Fisher Brick Red Round Planter etc. They are a decor to the garden too, perfect for porch and balcony garden. These planters are durable, PVC sidewalls can be removed when not in use. There are good quality China ceramic products too. The resin crafted planters are cheap yet useful too.

These cheap garden pots are eco-friendly, and are different shapes, also are different in sizes too. There are some metal planters too. They have an antique look. These garden pots are metal made and give the garden an antique look. Some of these metal pots can hang from the wall, taking gardening to next level. Box planters are good for runner plants. Some cheap planters can be different too. They are crafted with gnomes or dolls to give the pots a crafty look. These can be kept inside or can be good crafts outdoors. There are ceramic, wooden, plastic, porcelain fiberglass, resin, bamboo etc. Some planters are award winning too.

Nursery pots and planters

nursery pots and planters

The nursery pots are good for the garden of a plantation. There are two shapes square and round. These nursery pots are plastic, fabric and polypropylene. Nursery pots have brands, like Viagrow, Growsun. East Jordan, Bang Qiao. Azalea. Akron mils are for patio and lawn. They are an almost same type, pots with holes underneath can be kept in the garden. These nursery pots are attractive with so many colors, black, pink, yellow and white. They are good for office, home and restaurants too. These pots are reliable for longevity and affordability.

The nursery pots are made from a hundred percent recycled materials and environmentally friendly too. The nursery planters which are hung from the wall are saving spaces. There are plenty of colors, the variety of shapes and sizes. Nursery pots are mostly flower plant holders. They match with flower variety, shrubs, hydrangea plants, petunia flower, tulip and what not. Even for the shapes. Some are tall rectangle shaped, square shaped, round shaped. All suites with nursery pots. One of the nursery pots is found at Alibaba.com. A true beauty to plants and for gardens made out of steel. Another one is Bamboo fiber round garden, no coated color, made out of bamboo or ceramic glazed origami flower pot, white tall round fiberstone flower pot is affordable for plant lovers.

Choose the Right Garden Seed Planters

Right Garden Seed Planters

This is the most important tool for farmers in the field. Farmers need to teal the soil and to sow the seeds, a time-consuming job with acres of land. When a farmer can afford such a tool, a favorite work for him is sowing seeds of a plant. This tool can show different types of seeds and can fertilize the plants. The shovel inside the tool digs in perfect depth and plants the seed. It is a little time consumer which completes a big work. This tool plants the seed in large number. So anyone with seed planter can win a job and can serve better.

The garden seed planters make the work easy and efficient. There are different types of seed planters. Durable, strong and can be easily assembled. While planting seeds, the seeds are evenly spread. There are six plates with six different shapes, to sow different types of seeds. Not for farmers but also a person, who wants to sow seeds can use seed planters too. There are two types of seed planters. One is seed planter that plants single seeds at a time. The other type is, this tool digs, shows and mixes fertilizer and then sows the seed. The seed planter is available to serve a gardener easy work.

Choose the Right Walmart planters

Walmart planters and pots

Planters are available in Walmart is known as Walmart planters. Home trends, Assents urban body, white plastic, garden planters, large, small, so much different in colors and shapes. There large outdoor planters, Extra large planters, tall planters and so much more. It is according to the needs, demands, likeness and preferences. Walmart is the biggest marketplace and one can feel free to choose from there. Availability of different types, colors and materials can be chosen easily. The latest trends, latest source, on sale, popular, all can be compared easily. Even the variety, price all options are available over there. Walmart planters are shipped to almost all the big cities, easy to pay, easy to receive from Walmart.

The colors or the trends are available. Alternate preferences are available. Right now there are more than 300 types of planters. Planters are available with class, category, material, standard, sizes and shapes. The market is as big as anyone can imagine, and to check from more than 250 is a time taking process. But to fulfill a hobby, to make a dream house, the decoration is a must. So to create a decor, interior decoration, or outdoor, Walmart planter is the best. Even if a product does not go well with the preference there is still ways to change the product.


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