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Hanging gardens of Babylon

Hanging gardens of Babylon | Creative vertical gardens theme

Hanging gardens for Babylon is one of the most popular forms of a garden. What comes to your mind when you think of it Babylon? Perhaps your lucky neighbor with a green thumb? Well, they’re just good examples of one. Hanging gardens are exactly what it sounds. Pots and planters of greens that hang from the ceiling or walls. They’re also called vertical gardens. Hanging gardens have been popularized due to its benefits, like taking less space or looking chicer. You can make vertical gardens in places as small as 4-inches by 1-inch verandah and that’s not even the smallest space!! Not to mention any kind of plants can be planted excluding trees with big trunks but there’s always scope for bonsais. So to recap, if you have space, pots and sheets and some plants you have in mind, you have enough to make a vertical garden.

Hanging gardens creative theme

Hanging gardens theme

First things first, choosing a theme. Now don’t skip this part. It may not sound as important but it is the most important part of your vertical garden. Once you’re done deciding this everything else becomes clearer. This also gives you a clear vision of what you want to do and helps you decide more practically. To choose a certain style first take a good look at your Babylon or auricle. How small is it? How many planters do you think you can handle? Do you have a certain color in your mind? You can use all kinds of stuff to design your hanging garden. Add a bit of your own touch. Look from different angles. Get creative. For the pots try using different objects. Have a few jars on your hands? Use them as pots. Got some bottles laying around? Recycle them. Paint them. And you just made yourself, your own unique planters broken set of glass or a single one you don’t use anymore? Use them as a pot. Make sure you don’t cut yourself though. Just think creative. Get accessories such as painted plates or beads to make it look more fun. Choose to become fancy? Hang a bulb in between the pots or even better, use fairy lights. You can also make use of your space by arranging the pots on different heights thus adding a bit of volume. No one said they have to be straight. Tilt them on to different angles and surprise your visitors with an interesting hanging garden for Balcony. Coconuts, shells and wooden planks are also getting popular these days as they give off a chic vibe paralleled with white walls.

Types of places and Care

Hanging garden places

Hanging garden is a garden in a small space garden, to make your house look beautiful. You can easily make your kitchen garden and balcony garden with the hanging plants. A lot of the beginners’ mistake includes underestimating the filth. It takes time to keep your pots clean from unwanted shrubs. So make sure you know where and how you want to position them. Do not think that it’ll be okay once you’ve hung them. No matter how little plants require watering. So keep the height in mind. If you’re hanging them on walls, rather using chained pots you’re still going to have to keep a stool with your other gardening tools. For me, I chose plants that have benefits rather than plants that are aesthetic, for example, Aloe Vera. If you want you your garden to look more eye-pleasing, then go for a few planters with bright complementing colors. Not all plants grow flowers all year round so don’t forget to keep that on your list of considerations. If you’re confident on your green thumb then add more to the list. I personally like plants such as Rose “Buff beauty” or the Oriental poppy because they’re big and bright, so they make my tiny hanging gardens look voluptuous. But if you have a different taste you can always go for smaller flowers.

Different types of creative plants of hanging gardens

Some of the go-to flowers plants for hanging gardens are:
🌺 Monarda squaw
🌺 Chinese Plumbago
🌺 Sedge (Carex testacea)
🌺 Winter Aconite (Eranthis hyemalis)
🌺 Siberian squill (Scilla siberica)
🌺 Spring Beauty (Claytonia virginica)
🌺 Lantana (Shrub verbenas)
🌺 Lobelia
🌺 Pelargoniums (Geraniums)
🌺 Portulaca (Purslanes)
🌺 Begonias
🌺 Black Eyed Susan Vine
🌺 Fuchsia
🌺 Million Bells (Calibrachoa)
🌺 Petunias
🌺 Sweet Alyssum (Lobularia maritima)
🌺 Verbena (Vervain)
🌺 Moss rose (Portulaca grandiflora)
🌺 Signet marigold (Tagetes tenuifolia)
🌺 Heliotrope
🌺 Licorice vine
🌺 Water hyssop
🌺 Ivy-leaf geranium (Pelargonium peltatum)
🌺 Tuberous begonia (Begonia Tuberhybrida)
🌺 Impatiens (Touch-me-not)
🌺 Nasturtium (Tropaeolum)
🌺 Pansy, etc.
Last but not the least Phlox (Paniculata). They may be big in size as they grow up to a bit above 2 ft. but, they are best for hanging gardens. They’re strong and robust with white and pink complexion and survive well against shades. Taking care after these plants is same as every other garden situation. You should do it according to the plants you chose. Some plants need more sunlight whereas others need more water. One thing you cannot miss is cleaning the unwanted shrubs and losing out the soil a bit for a bit of air.

Some may like vegetable too. Not only flowers but hanging garden are good for the vegetable like:
🌱 Lettuce
🌱 Strawberries
🌱 Peas
🌱 Different peppers
🌱 Asian eggplants
🌱 Tomatoes (cherry type)
🌱 Carrots Radishes (globe-rooted type)
🌱 Beans
🌱 Broccoli
🌱 Potato
🌱 Onion
🌱 Cabbage
🌱 Cauliflower
🌱 Kale
🌱 Celery
🌱 Turnip
🌱 Radish
🌱 Bell pepper
🌱 Garlic
🌱 Okra
🌱 Chard
🌱 Radicchio
🌱 Herb
🌱 Scallion
🌱 Daikon, etc.

Some herbs can be grown too.
Herbs like:
🌳 Oregano
🌳 Parsley
🌳 Thyme
🌳 Sage
🌳 Mint
🌳 Rosemary
🌳 Lavender
🌳 Basil
🌳 Parsley
🌳 Chives
🌳 Summer savory
🌳 Marjoram
🌳 Oregano
🌳 Hyssop, etc.

Some plants are good in vertical gardens but some are not like watermelon is heavy for hanging! Flowery plants are colorful and soothing for the hanging garden. Herbs are great. The vegetable is biological demand. Taking care of water, fertilizer and sunlight are the most important things. The porch, balcony, kitchen, lounge, sitting room, corner space, Babylon any place, you can think about. Hanging or basket all of them are an attractive cause, they are bright and colorful. Boston fern, Impatiens, Lantana, English ivy, Fuschia, Geranium, Begonia, Philodendron, Pothos, Spider plant, Christmas cactus and Fishbone cactus all are colorful and heavenly.

Tips for vertical gardening

Tips for vertical gardening

Due to less space inside a house, flats, apartments, Babylon we agreed to minimize our likings. So we use potted plants, hanging pots, artificial ways of gardening. So we need to know a lot, like how to take care of pots, next how to water the plants as they will be hanging and next is fertilizers. Fertilizers are needed. As the plants are kept hanging, they do not get enough food. So it is wise to use fertilizers. But it is also important to see that the ratio. Deadheading is another important thing. To keep the baskets clean weeds and dead flowers removed. These damages the beauty and also the soil gets rotten, which is not at all good for the hanging gardening.

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