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Horticulture is the best branch of study | Discover green nature

The area of agriculture is very big. People are growing in countless number and so is the need for food. Everything that is related to plants, flowers, fruits, soil growing, grooming and marketing of plants are included in horticulture. Actually, it is related to the wellness of the earth, environment and human. It carries different meanings to different people. People think as it is related with plants, but now it is related to different aspects of life. Like plating is like a therapy or a hobby to some people. It has an important role for students and a modern, important job for some people. Some people can take it as a business. It can be a source of income. It can be a way of life or industry for many people on earth. Because of horticulture, we are having the better life, better foods and better environment. Horticulture helps us to solve problems and helps to give us a better future. It is also an area of science to improve loving and caring of plants. The society we live in need of the knowledge of horticulture. Cause these plants are feeding, clothing and is taking care of us!

Horticulture includes gardening, which is someone’s hobby, some plants, there landscaping, growing crops for food, fiber and fuel. It is also an alternative source for production. It is a source to understand food values as vitamin, mineral, flavor, source of life-saving drugs. A source to get higher returns in money or in energy. More and more people get employment.

Branches of horticulture

Based on the use of plants are Olericulture: Related to the storage, production, marketing, and every other part of edible plants. Pomology: The part of horticulture that deals with raw fruit consumption. Floriculture: The ornamental plant department, dealing with flower plants, cuts, flower arrangements. Nursery Crop Culture: The propagation and production of seedlings and other crops. Landscape horticulture: Its related to design, construction and care of lands, homes and for business places. Urban horticulture: includes the art, science and education that supports environmental enhancement including home gardening, interior decoration, landscaping.

Importance of horticulture

importance of horticulture

We are learning to improve our environment, to take care of our environment, and to protect it from abuse and to keep it in good shape for the next generation and for personal aesthetics. So we need to know more about horticulture as it is related to human, plants, food and environment. Plants cover all the sectors related to human-like food, clothing, shelter, breathing, nature, everything is related to plant and soil. So it is important to study, research, practice, to imply it every aspect. Landscaping, gardening, crops for food or fuel, to treat patients and to take care of trees, every single thing is related to horticulture. It includes some more, like community garden program, environmental education and urban reforestation projects. The horticulturists are working as researchers, workaholics, plant breeders. Use of wastelands. More foods and medicinal plants are planted in the wastelands. Any flower shop

Horticulture career

The subject of horticulture has opened the vast area of education and it is the best branch of the study. It is a wing of agriculture and makes a green nature for the creature. It is related to plants, the environment, crops, flowers, and are related to food, clothes. Now it is an entrance to challenging and a rewarding career in horticulture with only a graduation. The vast area covers production, management and marketing. Education and research have also available. Graduates find it easy to open a business enterprise with fruits production, garden centers, nurseries and greenhouses. It has become easy to work in a garden, food processing farm or to start a flower shop or plants shop. Having a home garden adds an additional source of income. Horticulture is an input for an industry as the preservation of fruits. Considering in regards of beauty and security of the environment. After people understood the value of botany, it improved the value of quality food, helped to get calories, to get higher returns, and enhanced the value of land And allowed the people to buy better. That is how horticulture is playing the important role in the life of a human.

horticulture careers

After graduation, There are some more professional activities after graduation like:

Marketing: Due to public demand, marketing has increased the power of sales. So to increase sales, of processed or fresh fruit, vegetable, flowers, nursery stock, for everything, a buyer is needed in a chain store or a wholesale distributor.

Production and sales: Due to the booming growth of the human population and in need of jobs, people are getting more and more ideas, which helps to keep up with the needs. Similar to the demand production and sales are increased. Managing and processing according to demand is now creating food processing farm, garden center, landscaping service and more services are needed in orchards.

Research: To improve the quality or to meet up demands or to improve any type of production, research is needed to succeed, to serve better to nature and to human. Even developing methods of marketing or storing. Research for breeding or specializing in plant or animal nutrition, growth regulation and in many areas.

Public Gardens: Managing the landscapes, plants and the gardens and conservatories, also has created interests and jobs for people who have interests in people and plants.

Teaching: The science of plant growth knowledge, is increased in the man of the different age. Qualified and skilled teachers are needed to teach the next generation like school, high schools or varsities. Specialists and county agents are needed to teach the adults, more about horticulture. The plant life gives a rewarding experience to its students.

Inspection: A career as a food inspector for fresh or processed food for the government or a private agency. Helping to maintain the quality and uniformity in the industries.

Industry support: There are jobs like consultancy, to do researches, to give technical services. Even canning and freezing companies, seed manufacturers are looking for skilled tech people.

Landscape Design: Skilled people are needed to know the appropriate plants, to achieve the desired result with the blend of perfect knowledge of soil science to know the perfect plants to get a prize result.

Communication: Experienced people get benefits only from writings about plants, gardens and farms magazines, newspapers, sending news to television channels and to the radio offices. It is the rewarding field for both men and women.

Pest Management: Working with government or agencies, agricultural fields, suppliers, large farms, to take control of pests.

 There is a large area of study and a career in horticulture. A little part is touched here, while vast websites on the internet and a large area are for a career in practical life. The floriculture has flourished the most. It has many fields related to life and green environment in every aspect.

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