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Kitchen garden

Kitchen garden ideas| Best garden designs and plants list

When I am in the kitchen, the moving leaves on the windowsill gives me the happiness, I wanted to have. Getting inside the kitchen, all the herbs, a flavor of the leaves, inspire me to cook soups and stir-fries. When cooking is an art, then the ingredients are a part of art too. I started my kitchen garden with errors and now got perfectness. Grow the garden in your kitchen room to enjoy safe, nutritious homegrown and flavorful food. In this globalization time, the cookhouse gardening so many popular in the world.

Kitchen garden concept

I gathered some containers, nursery pots, boxes and bottles. You can divide your pots and containers into different sides and you can hang the bottles. If there is a part of land near your kitchen, you can make beds with the soil. It can be easier for the plants in the kitchen to get water, air and sunlight. Also, it is better to make own compost for the plants. The best way to get organic foods. So, you can plant herbs and vegetables. It is nothing so tough, only need time, ideas, effort and planning. The easy but important plants are herbs. A kitchen garden serves human, to grow vegetable, fruits and herbs year around. In Scotland, it is known as kailyaird or a potager. You have to take care of it as you take care of your kitchen garden. It is not for show purpose as you get flowers, but here you plant seeds or small plants and gather spices herbs for flavor etc. But the more you know, more you can try and more-ever can get vegetable around the year.

You can choose your own herbs, according to the climate and the growing conditions that suit with the plant. Like chive, mint, thyme, basil, parsley, cilantro and oregano. You can sow the seeds or you can buy a few plants. They are very easy to grow and can be used in foods or salads, adding special organic flavor. We should remember that a kitchen garden is handy for getting fresh herbs, organic vegetable and some fruits. The organic food always has the best taste, when it is grown by own effort, investing own time, then they become sweet or tasty. Even the flavor of the kitchen garden herbs is fresh, strong and refreshing. The other benefit is you don’t need to buy any herb, spice or fruit. You can get plenty and you can share with friends, neighbors and with relatives too. Home kitchen gardening is good for health, environment and entertainment. You can also make winter garden in your kitchen, it’s still enjoyable in the winter season.

Benefits of cookhouse gardening

Kitchen garden benefits

The fresh leaves give not only fresh flavor but also fresh air. Then plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air and give us fresh air so, we need to plant more plants to get fresh air, reduce global warming and get fresh oxygen. Herbs detoxify health, so we need more and more plants to detoxify and cleanse our body. For that reason, my best hobby gardening, with aesthetic value! It gives pleasure to eyes and to the mind and uplifts moods. A creative hobby for everyone, there is an aura around every plant, which relaxes people and adds energy, makes human more healthy and strong! It is a handy hobby, which fulfills the basic vitamin supplies and minerals.

You can put the herbs in small pots or can hang them near the window, or you can grow plants in drums, pots and wooden boxes. The small trees can be beside the kitchen wall or beside the door. You can plant the small plants in boxes or you can make beds and can use compost to give them good care. Fresh air, sunlight and regular water can give quality supplies.

Types of the kitchen garden plants

There are different types of the kitchen garden plants. Would you like an organic garden? Yes, you can make the vegetable garden, some say witch’s garden. Kitchen garden vegetable list, like…


 Sweet peppers

⇒ Cucumbers



 Green onions

 Sugar snap peas

⇒ Squash

⇒ Peppers



 Green beans


 Acorn squash




 Butternut squash



⇒ Fennel

Hot peppers

Jerusalem artichokes or sunchokes



Pole Beans



Summer squash

Or you can make culinary herb garden or Perennial herbs garden.
The kitchen herbs garden plant list, like…

⇒ Thyme

⇒ Sage

⇒ Tarragon

⇒ Peppermint

⇒ Rosemary

⇒ Oregano

⇒ Parsley

⇒ Lemon Balm

⇒ Lavender

⇒ Cilantro/Coriander

⇒ Chives

⇒ Basil

⇒ Bee Balm

⇒ Chamomile

⇒ Chocolate Mint

⇒ White sage

⇒ Thai basil

⇒ Savory

⇒ Lavender

⇒ Catnip

⇒ Dill

⇒ Fennel

⇒ Rosemary

⇒ Jasmine

⇒ Garlic

⇒ Ginger

⇒ Onion

⇒ Cloves

⇒ Aloe Vera

And you can also make flower and fruits kitchen garden.

 Importance of gardening

At first choose a good place for plants, where the water doesn’t stand and enough sun. When you get the place to it, so there are no roots left or stones, just good soil. You can gather the soil to make beds for your plants. If you don’t have soil or sun, you can make a garden on the balcony, roof-top, patio or sunny windowsill. You can plant tomatoes, herbs and shrubs. If you are not a green finger, you can continue with these. If you are then you can plant some other plants. Raised beds are good, you can top with more soil or you can add compost, which will make planting easier. If you lack space, you can grow a vertical garden, you can use wall planters, hanging baskets or railing planters. Some plants are vines and can grow with the help of fences, trellises or stakes. Growing plants vertically saves your spaces and work becomes easier. Finding fruits, chances of less fungal infection and fresh air keeps the plants in better condition. So, consider not planting melons and squash, as they are heavy for the vertical garden. After you have made choice of your garden, now you arrange your plants.

Best design ideas for kitchen gardening

Kitchen garden designs

When you plant leafy plants, beside them you can plant roots vegetable, so you get two in one space to take care. If you plant your saplings in a triangular shape, you can plant 15% more plants in the same space, only be sure not to make them too crowded. When plants are crowded, they don’t grow properly in size or in shapes. Succession is good as they grow better and the availability of vegetable grows constant. Choose seeds wisely, but you can’t be sure, so it is better to choose seedlings. They are already grown, so they adjust with soil and grows faster. Get the plants that mature early. Fruits that matures late often breaks a heart as they grow fruits late, but when you choose mature varieties and get mature seedlings, they bring good results and gives more productivity. Compatible planting can save more space and can become more productive. Like squash, corns, and beans, a better combo as they require the same weather to compete with weeds. Tomato, Marigold and basil, as Marigold repels the pests. It is better not to plant potato and tomato together. But you can plant Basil, chives or pepper, as they enhance the flavor and suppress weeds. Eggplants, beans and spinach, as eggplants need nitrogen, can be met up by planting legumes. For plants to keep in shades are Impatiens, Halcyon Hosta, Pachysandra, Lenten Rose an in the sun, plants like Creeping Phlox, Creeping Juniper, Angelina Stonecrop, Yellow Alyssum etc.

How to maintain the garden

How to maintain kitchen garden

Plants need water, without water they can’t live. So when you have a garden, you must remember to soak your plants with water. Young seedlings don’t have deep roots, so it is important to water the garden and to keep the soil moist. When plants are growing, they need water every day. The last to reminder is kitchen waste compost and mulch! They help you to grow your plants healthy and strong and the mulch keeps the soil perfect moist!
The traditional kitchen garden helps me to get fresh salads, vegetable and to get all healthy and organic foods. Your garden will help you to take care of family and to keep them away from pesticides, to get proper nourishment. Nothing in the world can give you the satisfaction of all the organic, healthy and proper nutritious foods. The kitchen garden is related to you and your family health. You get fresh fruits, fresh vegetable and organic herbs. Cooking items without pesticide or chemicals. .Without cost and instantly available.

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