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Privacy Policy

SEO service land and omorfaruk.com Page may collect your information in the form of:

  • Your problem short description
  • First/Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Website/Company name

We may collect certain other personal information from you, these shall not be shared or sold to outside parties, we do not post on the www.omorfaruk.com and www.omorfaruk.com/seoservice or any site without permission; unless required by Court or through the proper warrant from country Government. Otherwise, all information remains private.

We gather information about you as you use our websites, contact our offices or customer service representatives, SEO service land and omorfaruk.com Page collect your information makes use of Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. Just your website visits and/or weblogs will not be shared except for the purpose of improving website performance, for creat SEO strategies, or to case studies. Omorfaruk.com and SEO service land Page owns the data storage, Analytics reports, and databases. They have the opportunity to prohibit or exempt inclusion of their information unless mandated by law. Website visitors retain rights to their data.

No part of our omorfaruk.com and omorfaruk.com/seoservice was made to attract children under the age of 14. Omorfaruk.com and omorfaruk.com/seoservice Page will never collect information from people who do not reach the qualified age of 14 years old and above.

We may use cookies and web beacons to track your usage of our websites, In most cases, we do not intentionally transfer this information to unaffiliated third parties without your consent. To protect data of our users, omorfaruk.com and SEO service land Page utilizes a combination of physical, electronic, and managerial systems to safeguard such information.

However, it is each user’s responsibility to prevent access to their accounts; especially those not in connection with omorfaruk.com and omorfaruk.com/seoservice Page.

This Privacy Policy applies to omorfaruk.com and omorfaruk.com/seoservice Page only.Visit www.omorfaruk.com and www.omorfaruk.com/seoservice for more information on the services we offer.This website may have links to other sites and vice versa. Please refer to their own Privacy Policy.If you have any questions and/or comments, please feel free to contact Omor Faruk, Founder (SEO Service Land)