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Raised bed garden

Raised bed garden | Box garden planting guide and kit tips

The garden inside boxes is known as raised bed garden also called box garden. They are good to grow vegetable and fruits without weeds, pests, snails and slugs. The garden in boxes are at least six inches deep but the best is when the boxes are twelve inches deep. When we prepare a box with twelve inches depth, we can make the box three to four feet wide and six to eight feet long. So that, the plants can be taken care from all sides. The wood can be rot resistant, untreated wood or concrete boxes. The soil must not be compact, better to loosen the soil before you sow the seeds. The root vegetable is good to grow in raised beds. Vegetable like potato, onion, carrot, nuts is good too. There is no need for teal, no need to clean grasses or weeds. Raised bed garden is the best way to grow your garden neatly.

Raised bed garden ideas

bed garden ideasInexpensive raised bed garden ideas will make you happy! Just be sure of the designs you like. Also, you can create Butterfly garden. Its largest garden is in Dubai, also known as miracle garden. This type of garden, two beauty in one place! Then there are more- Fenced garden, enclosed garden, timber wood garden, garden with benches. Garden pyramid or bed with legs, natural wood garden, herb planters, recycled masonry herb garden, etc. They are inexpensive, simple yet very soothing to the eyes. The raised bed garden needs sunlight and these styles help your garden grow veggies and flowers. One of the cheapest ways to grow garden is to grow in burlap sacks or you can grow in buckets too. These can be a beginning for the little ones or those are new to gardening. You want two-tier beds, or single box beds or simple cedar box raised garden. You can make your raised bed garden in the front yard or on the sidewalk. The sunlight plays the most important role in raised bed garden. When you need to sow seeds or need plants to grow, take care of your plants during winter. You can keep seeds or grow garden from vegetable like pumpkin, onion, garlic, squash, they are easy to store, no extra stress, no fuss. Like herbs are easy growing, they are perennial, easy to preserve and versatile. They can be grown in one box but in portions. Herbs are easy to grow, they do not need much space but are costly, when you go to buy them. Herbs have so many uses, for flavor, for smoothies, to garnish. Mint, chamomile, oregano, parsley, basil, rosemary, sage and cilantro can be grown on raised bed garden.


Raised bed garden kit

There are so many raised bed garden kits, online. You can buy from Walmart, Amazon, or eBay. There is an elevated square box to plant seeds, vegetable flower box, raised garden bed planter kit, wooden raised garden bed 3 tier planter kit, for patio yard grow box, planter kit +8pcs T-type tags and gloves! All are cheap and shipping free. There is metal raised garden bed vegetable flower herb planter kit too. Some other can be bought by shape, sizes or some are elevated. There is frame it all series anchor joint kit for raised bed garden kit. Pure raised bed garden and plant holder, very beautiful, deer proof lumber vegetable garden kit are made in such a way that your garden will look beautiful and will be protected from deer’s.

Box garden planting guide and tips

Box gardenThe box garden planting guide is plain, simple and easy. If you start raised bed gardening according to your wish, follow some simple rules. Create your own garden area and then choose the type of box you like including water drainage system and irrigation system. Keep the soil soft and fluffy, with a fork. You can use hose but the better idea is drip irrigation before planting, which saves your time a lot. Get compost soil deep in your box, which can be a user-friendly work area. If the box is twelve inches deep then and has the waist up height than that is best! You don’t have to hover down. Your garden needs width and the connection of water source near the box, keep the boxes fixed with screws, so the bed stays intact. Sow the plants closely, thus the fertilizer or the manure can be used by the plants. Carrots and cucumbers are good to plant too. For the raised bed garden, the important tips are the soil good, then level it, equal and last one can be the layout of the garden pleasant and tidy. So the garden should look neat, clean and tidy. There are some important tips to not to do. Like do not walk inside your bed, this will harm the soil, so go around your four feet wide bed. Use a barrier beneath the soil to keep away roots and weeds or grass. This saves a lot of extra works. Do not tie with hard frames or heavy blocks that will cause more pain and stress. After planting mulch with leaves, straws, grass clippings and with wood chips. Keep your plants safe in winter. Keep the soil covered, even when you are not gardening. At the end of the year, plant some plants that are known as “annual cover crops”. They fix your soils, planting ryegrass or crimson clover, provides benefits.

A common problem for in-ground beds is the risk of trampling by guests, children and pets. Raised beds elevate your garden plants above the foot traffic, guarding against damage to the plants and protecting the soil from compaction. You can walk among raised beds after you water them or after it rains without fear of compacting the moistened soil. In-ground beds are likely to suffer if you walk through them when the ground is wet. Raised beds accommodate more plants in a small backyard garden by allowing a tighter spacing of plants within the actual bed. This means you can grow more of your best garden plants in the same area as an in-ground bed, getting more out of your available backyard space. Even if you need to move, shift from one place to another, you can move your garden with you. There is no hassle with your pet to dig the garden soil and you can construct your garden in any shape and size you like. Your creativity will be appreciated. During the seasons, you can take care of your garden as it will not spoil your appearance. You can easily take care of your raised bed garden, early in the morning or before you throw a party at home. It will be your side attraction, gorgeous and decorative.

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