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Rooftop Gardening

Rooftop gardening | how to make a roof garden & design ideas

Rooftop gardening is the most important recreation and a hobby for green lovers. Really, are you lucky to have your own rooftop space? Most green fingers love and keep on thinking, where he can grow greens. Also, when you have a beautiful rooftop, you can create your garden over there and get benefits from your rooftop gardening. Maybe, you can grow your own vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs. You can use flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables from rooftop to your kitchen. All your own to make you feel proud. The rooftop gardening ideas will help you in the rooftop temperature will be controlled, architectural enhanced design, the rainwater can be used. When people will start using rainwater, then overflow or flood will not happen. Comfortable, beautiful, natural and created by you, can definitely make you happy. Use your extra waste space to create a multi-use garden. A new redesigning to your place, sit and enjoy!

Your rooftop is an open area with enough open space, sunlight and air. So, do not create any wall, if you need to put a fence, use a new system, so the air is not blocked. Use Styrofoam, not stones to drain water, you may need to incorporate windbreaks if your rooftop is windy. As it is not a normal garden, it is better if you decrease the air flow. Also, have a water system on your rooftop.

Rooftop gardening ideas

Rooftop gardening ideasYour garden can be on the rooftop if it is an autonomous building. Before you start making your rooftop gardening, find out whether you have the right authorization to grow plants your own garden in the rooftop. Also, you need to check out your whether the building roof is capable for your garden. Roof space should have to need easy access and then decided where you to grow plants. You can take care of the water supply or the wastes from your rooftop garden. The soil or the fertilizer can harm the roof. It is wise if you use raised bed gardening or can use containers on your roof. The soil has a lot of weight, which harms the roof, so get containers made out of fiberglass or plastic for the rooftop garden. Don’t use garden dirt, use lightweight potting soil. So you don’t put extra weight on your roof. If you don’t have enough space, you can do vertical gardening or square foot gardening. It works well when you have small space. Ten times more can be produced from vertical gardening. Tilling, pesticides wastages are reduced on rooftop gardening. If you don’t like tall plants or trees, you can grow small plants and can create a pleasant atmosphere. Not only plants, you can arrange a sitting place, reading books area or you can have arts or be drawing space too. Set up lights, which will make a view at night. Take care of water, when you touch it, make sure you can feel moist. The rooftop garden must have 4-6 hours of sunlight. Don’t forget to mix compost with soil using waste veggies, which is good for plants and trees.

Suitable Roof garden plants

Consider the suitable plants for your roof garden, it’s the major part of the garden, please always choose plants your weather friendly. The most common rooftop gardens plants are…Rooftop garden plants
Lavender: It a good choice for the dry and windy area. Lavender is from the mint family with the height of one and a half feet. This plant can grow in any types of pots, flower beds or in containers. It is a rooftop gardening plant for everyone and everywhere.

Kousa Dogwood: A plant that will give you flowers throughout the year. It grows up to 30 feet but blooms white and pink beautiful flowers. It has different flowers in different season. The fruit appears by August.

Ajuga: Another plant to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Needs much more water deals this.

Japanese Wisteria: A well admired, sprawling vine type plant. It has a sweet scent and grape like blooms. It has so many flowers, that the corner need not have any more plants. Only you have to match the weather matching with the plant.

Dwarf Hinoki Cypress: The yellowish-green color and fan shape leaf are two specialties of Dwarf Hinoki Cypress. When fully grown, its 3 feet in height, a very slow growth. This plant needs a lot of water.

Gold Frame Honeysuckle: A very attractive plant for butterflies and the smallest bird ’hummingbird’. The smell changes, when the color changes. It blooms in pale blue and then it becomes magenta with a stronger fragrance. The tree grows up to 20 feet high.

Blue Fescue: If you plant this hardy grass then you will get an active plant with least maintenance.

Blue Star Juniper: It has another name as single seed juniper. This plant has silvery blue cast, shining with scrawny needles.

Final Astilbe: This plant needs shade, stays in shade, and grows in shade, grows up to one and a half feet. The best plant for a bright colorful rooftop with crimson flowers of July. Dies if water is not sufficient water. The only plant needs moist soil for the better result.

Grow some everyday vegetable plants, like Eggplant, ladies finger, tomato, chili, and capsicum etc. One or two plants enough to serve your family. You can also grow some of your favorite fruits plants, Medicinal plants or herb plants. There are more rooftop gardening plants that will make your garden a beauty.

Perfect Rooftop garden design and benefits

Rooftop garden benefitsTo create a roof garden, you have to think about the environment. Enough sunlight, slightly moist soil and fertilizer, water, containers or raised beds, you will need. Keep your tools in a proper place. Get plants and trees according to your choice, their containers, calculating their size. Get matching containers. Put new design on your floor. The floor also catches attraction and designing it will give you enjoyment. Create raised bed garden, so that your plants don’t harm the floor of the roof. Plant carefully, so that they give you flowers, vegetable through the year round. Use garden soil and Styrofoam. Use some furniture beside some plants. You can place furniture the way you like or you can use garden designer’s ideas from Google. Use lights, the Christmas colorful tiny lights or light in a corner. Shaded with lights can bring romantic moods to you. Use a center of attraction. Through your rooftop gardening, you get enjoy gardening, you can become a gardener, a planner, a designer, a creator and you can get fresh fruits, flowers, veggies and herbs all without pesticides. Real healthy diet for the family. You will never to buy those that you have in your roof garden. Believe me, you will never be the same person after you hold your own flowers, fruits and veggies. Your children will know easily about the importance of gardening. It also reduces heat inside your home and cooling down your home during the summer seasons. The rooftop gardening is the best place to enjoy nature and its better way to bring nature into your home. So don’t wait, let start. Happy roof gardening.

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