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Content analysis | SEO Content writing easy guidelines

Content analysis is very much crucial for landing web pages. More or less, we are familiar with this. But the common fact is that we don’t know the right way. More importantly, if we want to make it SEO friendly, then it needs something extra to do. An SEO friendly content carries some extra features or attributes that are very much needed for the purpose of good web ranking for the site. In this article, SEO Service Land (affordable SEO service provider company) show you step by steps guidelines for content analysis and writing a better SEO content to your website, blog or something else. Before starting that, we have to know the basic idea of content analysis. If we break down this phrase keyword into single word then it will be easier.

Content analysis and SEO Content writing


Content is king for every website. Content is the information for a site. Information or data that we put into our sites may be different types. But we are not worried about the types. The main focus of the content is that it should have informative, relevant and fruitful. Otherwise, it will decrease our viewers as well as sites reputation. So, before writing an article, Content analysis very much important. We have to think the audience again and again. Is it helpful for them? Otherwise, all will go in vain.

SEO Content

SEO refers to search engine optimization whereas; content means the information that lives on the web page. So, SEO content analysis is the content of a webpage that is search engine friendly. The goal of SEO content is getting more traffic from Web pages.

Content analysis 

The analysis is the act of making the best use of content. We have added an extra term ‘SEO’ with the phrase word content analysis. That’s denoted us, we have to analysis our content in search engine friendly. To make this, we have to follow the strategy or, rules of search engines. Best practice for analysis of content is that we have to send the information or message into web pages have to be audience or viewers based. Here, some attributes are needed to make it perfect. That is the focus part of this article. Let’s see, the common facts for analysis a good content. Of course, we will describe this process in a search engine friendly way.

Thing we need to write a good SEO content

  1. Keyword research: Before writing content, first of all we have to research our keyword or, key topics. We have to analyze the search volume of that keyword and have to target the people or audience.
  2. Keyword optimization: We have to know the proper way of optimizing the keyword.
  3. Content organization: We have to organize the content logically to attract the audience.
  4. Content promotion: By sharing to different social media and sites, we can enrich our site visitors.

Content analysis key elements 

Writing is an art and this art can be possible to place in the Web pages in a different way. But how will you decorate them that is not a fact. The fact is how well you can optimize them into your sites. Basically content has an introductory part which is important to the audience. This part word limit is 150 characters. Also a conclusion part is needed for a good content. I follow two key formats –

     After all, Content is the top most important thing that will help to rank your site. For better feedback from the audience for your site and to get more traffic, content analysis is mandatory. SEO Service Land provide you best content analysis service. We have cheapest service packages. It will be easier if you follow the SEO strategy in your content. Of course, you have to implement the techniques that have been discussed here. I hope, you will do that in your content analysis and will be beneficial.

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