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Tropical garden

Tropical garden plant and design ideas | Garden maintenance & care

A garden where there are tropical weather and tropical plants planted with human love and passion. This type of garden takes a lot of care and needs good maintenance. The tropical garden can be small or large in size an appearance. It can be created for small spaces or for landscapes. The tropical garden can be for front-yard or for backyard too.

Small tropical garden 

Some people try a tropical garden in a small place. If your place is small, you can easily create hanging gardens. It is good to have a good taste for plants. Depending on the space one has, needs a good selection of plants. Some chairs can be placed in- between plant pots, the plants should have bright, fresh colors and strong color tones. The plants and the shrubs or the green leafy plants can be kept in small and dense in sizes.

Front-yard or backyard gardening

To make a front yard or backyard garden, one has to maintain all the important part of a landscaped tropical garden. But the difference is, the plant has to be associated with tropical weather, only in pots or beside the pathway. The path is to be kept clean. So there right beside the path, the planets are in pots or planted, should have heat, sunlight and water. The soil should be humid and leaves are to be moist. Behind those, one can plant tall trees too. Not the trees but the leafy plants. This tropical garden can still be decorated with waterfalls, or statues, sculptures or with anything.

Location for landscapes, Climate and Care 

Places like Florida, South America, Hawaii, Mexican Riviera or New Zealand, Fiji, Maldives and Australia is good to grow the tropical garden. Places that are near the equator and beside the ocean are the best.

Garden Climate and Care

The hot and dry climate is important but enough water is needed for tropical gardens. Even good rainfall or excellent irrigation brings a better result to the gardens. Some colder climates are adapting to the tropical garden style. Like passion, the careful selection, color choice, and flower selection also give different tastes.
These gardens need water, fertilizer and mulches. Around the world, some people garbage and compost, which is a combination of manure, old leaves, small pieces of wood etc to keep plants attached to the soil. The quantity of water should be sufficient to keep the soil moist and humid. Also not too much water to rotten the roots.

Design and Setting

Garden Design and Setting

Anyone is free to design his or her tropical garden. The garden is supposed to have enough water, sprinkled, rain or flowing. The plants are thickly planted to make a wall. Some plants can be put near an eating place or where some group of people can sit together. Roping walkways, stonewalled small pools, front yard landscapes or exploiting small spaces.
Gardening is a hobby, a recreation, a part of a home, a part of the body (as simple exercise), earning source or a reliable resting place. It can be of medical assistance too, giving pleasure to eyes and soothing health condition. A place to work, one can sit and write, or can relax and enjoy too. So some table and chairs can be arranged. A stairway, a tiny pathway, or tea table set, pool or some plants can be kept in pots to hang from. Running water can be a part of the nice scenery. But everything should be well proportioned and not be looking odd. Some people add fire-pit, hot tub and lounge chairs or some sculptures.

Topical garden types of plants 

Plants with big green leaves, bright and colorful flowers are parts of a tropical garden. Plants like a fern, Flowering banana (Musa ornata), coconut, papaya, bamboo and flowers can be grown there. The flowers are to be very colorful, like the orchid, Hoyas, Birds of paradise, Lobster Claw, Red Ginger, Canna ‘Durban,’ Angel’s Trumpet, Bougainvillea, Anthurium, Mandevilla, these all needs hot sunshine and sprinkled water.
There are other tropical plants, which can be planted nearer, but in the backyard or closer landscape. Trees and plants like rubber tree, Sansevieria, Sansevieria cylindrica, Philodendron, Xanadu. Dwarf Schefflera, Ribbon Dracaena. Dieffenbachia, or Dumb Cane. Peace Lily, common in some places, Rex Begonia, a little bit uncommon, Aloe vera, and most common, excellent medicine plant, Peperomia, Devil’s backbone-Pedilanthus.
There are some plants which are tropical but can be planted in non-tropical climates. Like Algerian Ivy, Canna, Secrecy, Acanthus mollis, Crocosmia, Paulownia tomentosa and Trachycarpus etc.

Color scheme
The tropical garden needs to be well planned, and need perfect knowledge in the field of study for plantation ideas and garden design. Most people think the color scheme is not important to think for planting in the garden. You are wrong! The color scheme study most important for make a garden into the tropical zone. You must choose the tropical garden color scheme perfectly. It is a combination of colors you use in your tropical zone garden. Discover field of study for colors scheme, to make a beautiful garden like mind. Plants need to have big leaves and needs to have a color scheme and attracts more people. The garden plan, color scheme, and the plant’s freshness will show the healthiness to the eyes and to mind. Multicolor flowers or bright contrast color flowers, fulfill the thirsty eyes and mind. Bright pink, red, violet, blue and white combination with yellow and orange color, can give pleasure. So, don’t stop your study in this horticulture color schemes field for dynamic garden design.

Tools and Maintenance

Tropical Garden Tools and Maintenance

The important thing for gardening is garden tools and other related to the tropical garden is plants use to the climate, light, the supreme need of sunlight and heat, the most important thing for the plant is humid and moist soil all the time. The heat and the sun are hot, so the plants get dry but when the water is sprinkled and irrigated then the soil is humid and leaves are wet, which helps the plants to stay healthy and bright in color.

It is tough to grow a tropical garden and hard to maintain, but possible when gardening becomes a love and a passion. Now it is possible to grow a tropical garden inside a greenhouse, too. A tropical plant that is not used to cold, is to be kept inside, again it can be taken outside the house in summer.

Harmful insects are to be removed and have to be cleaned periodically, no dry leaves, to keep an eye on plants that all are healthy. Some of the tools are needed to maintain the tropical plants garden. The best thing is a good knowledge of tropical plants and how to take care of these plants. Others are like a hoe, rake, shears, water hose, sprinkler and fertilizer. A tropical garden makes a home beautiful, comfortable and soothing and attractive.

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